Grab a Tasty Smoothie at Sun City Supplements

Stop by our smoothie bar in El Paso, TX

Whether you’re looking for a meal replacement for breakfast or an after-workout shake, you’ll find everything you need at Sun City Supplement’s smoothie and juice bar in El Paso, TX. Choose from a variety of fruit-based smoothies on our menu or create your own to meet your individual dietary needs. Add-in protein, soy, skim or almond milk to create the right flavor and supplements just for you.

Take a look at our menu below and then stop by our store to take your smoothie home today!

Recovery Shakes

Crushed fruit, Protein blends 20oz

Strawberry slam $5.00
Strawberries and more strawberries with ripe banana and 25g of vanilla protein

Berry Berry Good $5.00
Antioxidant rich raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries with potassium rich banana and 25g of vanilla protein

Hawaiian Harvest $5.00
A taste of the island, mouthwatering pineapple, ripped banana and fresh coconut water with 25g of vanilla protein

Mango Crusher $5.00
Big juicy mangos crushed and blended with banana, strawberries, Hawaiian pineapple with 25g of vanilla protein

Orange Creamsicle $5.00
Oranges/ tangerines blended with bananas and 25g of protein

Antioxidant Blast $5.00
Anti-oxidant rich acai pomegranate, blackberries, bananas blended with 25g of vanilla protein

Peaches n Cream $5.00
Peaches apricots and pears all blended together with banana, strawberries with 25g vanilla protein

$1.00 off any fruit shake without protein

Signature Shakes

Unique blends for recovery 20oz

Black and Tan Chia $5.50
A creamy blend of skim milk, chia with 20g of vanilla protein and 25g of chocolate protein, only 291 calories

Cardio Freeway $5.25
Soy milk, low fat Greek yogurt, organic flax seed oil, strawberries and a shot of honey with 25g of protein

Chocolate Avocado Protein $5.25
Avocado blended with banana, almond butter, almonds and 25g chocolate protein

Chocolate Love $5.00
Skim or organic soy milk, natural peanut butter and banana blended with 25g chocolate protein

Chocolate Thin Mint $5.75
25g Chocolate protein blended in soy milk with pure mint, weigh loss blend with chocolate swirls

Massive Recovery

20oz (don’t need the extra gain material, substitute for regular protein)

Cookie Crush $6.00
Low fat organic sandwich cookies blended with vanilla almond milk, low fat vanilla ice cream and 50g chocolate protein

Spinach Chia Shake $6.00
Fresh spinach, banana, chia seed and 50g of vanilla protein blended with almond milk

Banana Nut Blast $6.00
Banana blended with almond butter, almonds, skim or soy milk and 50g vanilla protein

Body Builder $6.25
Soy milk blended with banana, 4.4 g of creatine, ¼ of avocado, peanut butter and 50g of protein

Chocolate Peanut Butter shake $6.50
Skim milk blended with 50g of chocolate protein, peanut butter, banana and our weight loss blend only 300 calories

More Mass $6.00
Peanut butter blended with whole milk, chocolate weight gainer, oatmeal and banana, a whopping 774 calories and 55g of protein

Chocolate Chip Shake $6.00
Chocolate chip cookies blended with peanut butter and skim milk your choice of vanilla/ chocolate protein 58g protein

Oatmeal Shake $6.00
Your choice of water or skim milk blended with oatmeal, almonds, honey, cinnamon and 75g of protein at only 743 calories!!!

Extreme Mass Gainer $6.00
Greek yoghurt, coconut milk, blueberries, honey, eggs, and 80g of protein /1575 calories

Low-Cal Smoothies

(water or juice base)

Mixed Berries Detox Smoothie $5.00
Mixed berries blended with 25g vanilla protein, cranberry juice, and skim milk only 200 calories

Skinny Minnie $5.25
For the carb conscious among us, water, blueberries, banana, flax seed oil, 25g strawberry protein and our weight loss blend and only 236 calories

Peach Smoothie $5.00
Skim milk, peaches, flax seed oil, and 25g protein blended together, only 263 calories

Pineapple Slim $5.25
Water, pineapples, ripped banana, flax oil, 25 g of vanilla protein and ultimate fiber blend, only 257 calories

Peach Smoothie $5.00
Skim milk, peaches, flax seed oil, and 25g of protein blended together, only 263 calories

Strawberry Banana Smoothie $5.00
Strawberries, banana and low fat yoghurt blended with 25g, only 291 calories

Breakfast Smoothie $5.00
A banana, orange juice, strawberries, spinach and Greek yogurt blended in skim milk with 25g of vanilla protein

Banana Mango Smoothie $5.00
Mango, banana, chia seeds, orange juice blended with almond milk and 25g of vanilla protein

Super Green Smoothie $5.00
Avocado, Greek-style plain nonfat yogurt, banana, spinach, sugar free maple syrup, and 25g of vanilla protein blended to green smoothie

Fat Burning Smoothie $5.00
Spinach, pineapples, banana, nonfat yogurt blended in water and 25g of vanilla protein

Superfood Power Smoothie $5.00
Apple, banana, spinach, strawberry and almond milk with 25g of vanilla protein

Green Over Green Smoothie $5.00
Avacado, banana, spinach a bit of peppermint extract a bit of lime blended with 25g of protein

Shake of the Month $4.50
The shake we choose for the month!

Make Your Own Shake $5.00
Pick the liquid, 3 fruits, grains or butter, and protein powder, will blended for you

Kid Shakes

Balance nutrition 12oz

Cookie Monster $3.95
Low fat organic sandwich cookies blended with vanilla almond milk, low fat vanilla ice cream and 13 g chocolate protein

Strawberry Shortcake $3.95
A nutrient blend of strawberries, banana and 13g of vanilla whey protein mixed to a smooth creamy perfection.

PB & J $3.95
Naturally nutty peanut butter blended with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries and 13g of vanilla protein

Chocolate Chip Shake $3.95
Chocolate chip cookies blended with 13g vanilla protein, and fat free ice cream.


Protein- whey, rice or soy $1.25
20g of pure natural protein in vanilla and chocolate

L-glutamine $.75
Builds muscle, strength and size

Creatine monohydrate $.75
Assist in energy production and muscle building

Sustain high energy $.75
Over 4 sustain energy with no crash

Ultimate fiber blend $.75
a perfectly balance combinations of insoluble and soluble fibers with beets, whey, rice & flax fiber

Weight loss fat burner $.75
help support fat loss by enhancing metabolism, maintaining healthy appetite, and minimizing cravings. They can also optimize workout potential by increasing energy and focus

The greens $1.25
multiple servings of fruits and vegetables and a blend of 38 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods, provides naturally occurring, bioavailable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and enzymes to give your already well-balanced diet a nutritional boost.

Nitric Oxide $.75
Affects the release of hormones and adrenaline. It’s also said to speed growth and recovery time as well as increase blood flow, thus delivering more nutrients to muscles, helping them grow

Loaded water $3.00
Load up your water with energy or with amino acids, your choice! (Pre-work out and amino powder of the day)